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Zaiko helps you know what you have.

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All your assets. One pane of glass.

Stop juggling spreadsheets and sticky notes — Zaiko lets you keep track of your assets and their status from any device, all from one unified admin panel.

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From one to one-thousand.

Zaiko scales with you. Whether you're a startup with just a few things to your name, or a business with thousands of assets, you can keep track of it all with Zaiko.

Screenshot of Zaiko's Unit management UI.

Units, meet people.

Check-out your assets by assigning them to people, keeping a record of who has what. Add extra visibility and traceability by seeing at-a-glance which assets are assigned to whom.

Screenshot of Zaiko's Assignee unit list UI.

Features to keep your assets in view.

Our core features help you categorise, catalogue, check-out, and otherwise make sure you always know what stuff you have, and how it's doing.

Bring your Team

There's no "I" in Zaiko, at least not where you think. Collaborate with teammates to help manage your items.

No Proprietary Hardware

Use Zaiko from any web browser on your computer, and scan asset tags with any smartphone. No special or expensive equipment needed.

Check-out items

Build a list of assignees and assign item units to them for full visibility into who has what.

Lost & Found

Standard QR Code labels mean strangers can scan a recovered asset with their smartphone and learn what to with it.

Coming Soon

A bumper-to-bumper roadmap.

We're hard at work to make Zaiko the best asset management solution out there. Here are just a few of the things we're working on right now.

Unit Statuses

Know how a unit is doing at a glance by easily marking them as in-service, damaged, or lost.

Auditable Logs

Tamper-proof logging of all changes made in Zaiko so you can rest assured your data are authentic.

Self-serve check-out

Allow your assignees to check units in or out on their own, reducing the managerial load on your team.

Comments and Notes

Leave comments and notes on Units to keep a written record of events, or communicate with your team.

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